Hey NJYP Veterans! 

You know who you are.  You attend at least one event a month, you were a Member on the old website(s), you walk into a Happy Hour and everyone calls your name, you may even HOST events.

Let's help the Newbies out (they keep pouring in) by giving them some "first event" advice.  Perhaps you can:
- Suggest what to do if they attend alone.
- Share how you felt at your first event.
- Recommend a type of event that is good for first-timers (game night vs single mingle vs happy hour, etc).
- Tell them what to expect.

If your advice helps get at least one Newbie out, that is one more person you can potentially make friends with (or network with or date).

Thanks in advance!

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Thanks Michelle, 

This is great advice as I myself have a bit of social anxiety and not much of a drinker. 

Michelle said:

Noob right here.  I admittedly have a bit of social anxiety and get quite nervous when meeting strangers, especially in loud, crowded areas, so for me personally, I think it would be best to initially meet just a couple of NJYP members (3-4 of us would be fine) in a moderately quiet environment for the first time.

I'm also not much of a drinker, so a place with non-alcoholic options would be great!  I also like the idea of a game night.  I like Apples to Apples.

Hi Brian and Mike, I tried posting on the forum but it didn't go through. How do I go about doing it? Thanks, Mike

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