Are there other improv fans in this community? 

My improv team is finally playing a show in NJ! I'm really psyched because we always perform in the city. Aside from performing, even when I just want to see another improv show I have to go to New York because there doesn't seem to be an outlet here in Jersey. Anyone else experience that? Or do you know of Jersey comedy venues NOT featuring stand up?

Those interested in a laugh this weekend:

Friday and Saturday, Feb 15 and 16

8:00pm Cupid Comedy / 9:30pm Lovers Island

Hackensack Cultural Arts Center

39 Broadway, Hackensack NJ


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Hi Ryan! This looks like a lot of fun!

Hey Ashley! Its definitely a fun time. My team, Howdy Stranger, is really talented and we just love goofing around on stage together. I can't wait!

Cool Ryan! I have plans this weekend but I will def promote your event among my friends. I have been involved in theater my whole life and I have some connections. Do you know Brandon Gulya by any chance? He's done a lot of improv in the NJ area as well as NY. Break a leg! Please k.I.t.!

Thanks Ashely, that means a lot! Word of mouth is the best hope we have at drawing an audience. I don't know Brandon, but the improv community is so small, we must know the same people. I used to play with a group in Dover NJ, and I'm studied with the improv theaters in the city.

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